Sunday, 10 January 2010


Grit is not something that tends to be forthcoming from the local 'Mairie'. It is however, in my mind, a primary and indeed fundamental requirement in the current conditions! It's all very well clearing the surface snow with the plough, but unfortunately the very low temperatures have now left us with a highly buffed layer of ice that has rendered any hope of driving over to Ax in the near future for a spot of piste skiing somewhat flattened! So today, we donned the snowshoes instead and went for a meander up the uncleared Peguère road for a bit of exercise. Clear blue skies made for a stunningly beautiful little outing but it was bitingly cold out of the sun. Fortunately, somebody had already made tracks up the road which relieved us of the otherwise exhausting task of trail-blazing in deep powder.More very low temperatures are forecast over the coming couple of days and the possibility of more snow on Wednesday/Thursday.

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greener side said...

It looks like you live in a lovely place. I like reading blogs about snowshoeing and winter sports in other parts of the world.