Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Another cracking roadie ride

After 2 days of working on Sadie and with poorer weather forecast from tomorrow into the weekend, we needed to get in another outing on the roadies. And what a cracker it was! I don't know why because I didn't fuel any different to normal, I haven't been doing any stretching recently and I consumed rather too much of a bottle of rosé last night, but everything worked as I wish it would work on every roadie ride. I felt strong at the outset and I felt strong at the finish, despite frequently pushing a harder gear where in the past I would have taken the easy option. The 90km with 770m of ascent were gobbled up in just over 3 hrs 30 mins and I could have carried on. It's not often (if ever) that I am able to say that! Maybe, quite simply, the legs are getting stronger and my endurance is improving? I don't know, but I have taken the precautionary measure of actually doing some stretching this evening and can just hope that the next ride is as good. Full stats on the usual site.

Whilst we were down in the Foix/Pamiers area, we picked up some more bits & pieces for Sadie which should mean we can get the electrical & plumbing work completed tomorrow.

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