Wednesday, 8 September 2010

More roadie activity & Sadie progress

Sadie passed her contrôle téchnique (equivalent of the British MOT) yesterday, which was the last possible stumbling block to us getting her registered over here. Hurrah! So I shall be hot-footing it to the Préfécture in Foix on Friday to get her official 'carte grise' (French registration document) and new number plates. We are making steady progress on her conversion and are currently waiting for the delivery of some electrical cable which will enable us to complete the majority of the electrical work which is a big task.

Since the weekend, we have had storms and much cooler weather which is actually quite pleasant. The sun made an appearance today so, despite low energy levels thanks to a particularly poor night's sleep and some unpleasant gastric issues (I shall spare you the details!), we headed down to Saint G & set out to repeat a lovely circuit that we did back in April but with a variation/deviation for the second half. It's one of my favourite routes which takes us up onto the crête on quiet, undulating roads with lovely views of rolling countryside. Beautiful.Once we arrived back down at river level, we cut across the busy D117 and set out to explore some of the peaceful little valleys that are to the West of that road, meandering our way back to Prat Bonrepaux where we crossed the river again to follow the quiet road back to Saint Lizier & Saint Girons. In view of how I felt before we set out, I was pleased to have covered the nearly 73kms with 930m of ascent in just a tad over 3 hrs. Stats on the usual site.

It's raining again this evening but tomorrow, if I get a decent night's sleep, I am hoping to have a VTT outing with Pat .....which will be fun.

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