Monday, 13 September 2010


Big progress today. Sadies has been the lucky recipient of our undying attention and is now all wired up. Ish. Almost. We have pretty much completed first fix electrics which is a big step forward in the grand schemes of things.

Because Sadie is going to be a mobile 'home' in which we are planning on spending weeks rather than days, we have chosen to install a number of home comforts including a TV and HiFi system, an oven, fridge, a loo with electrical flush, a water heater, an air heater and various other bits and bobs that will make our life in the van as comfortable as is practically possible. Hence, a quite considerable quantity of conduit and cable of various sizes has had to be put in its rightful place. We have digested the complex and comprehensive French regulations which govern the type & size & length of cable that has to be installed for each electrical item so that we do not fall foul of the inspector who has to officially pass Sadie as a 'camping-car'. It is an onerous responsibility! But here we are, conduit all temporarily affixed in place with tape, prior to permanent fixing tomorrow.... and the various wires and cables which will eventually be affixed in their final home
I am hankering after spending much of the winter down in Andalucia in southern Spain where mountain biking, road biking, walking and running will be the order of the day, so the big push is on. Hurrah!

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