Saturday, 25 September 2010


Well, of course there had to be repercussions for my post the other day in which I gloated about the wonderfully dry trail conditions on our VTT ride. Oh yes, the past few days have treated us to rain, cold and more rain and cold - the dusty trails will have been turned into veritable mud baths and we have resorted to firing up the wood burner this evening for the first time this autumn. There are even rumours of snow over 2000m which could well prove be true seeing as the temperature here at 825m has not been above 11 degrees.

Due to the weather, we have mainly been cracking on with work and other indoor stuff such as processing the copious quantity of apples that I have collected and getting the sloe gin started. I picked a couple of pounds of good plump sloes last week and froze them in an attempt to simulate frost conditions. We'll see in a year whether the gin is good quality or not.

This afternoon, we had a brief run up from the Col de Peguere to the Cap des Campets to stretch the legs & get some fresh air into the lungs. The sun made a weak effort to break through the clouds above Massat in the valley below
and above the Cap du Carmil
but it was a tad blowy and clagged in up at the Cap des Campets
The legs felt OK considering this was my first trot out since my disastrous outing in the New Forest back in August when I ended up crippled with ITB pain and limped the final few kilometers home. But that same pain started creeping back as I ran along the vergeside back to Peguere and I chose to walk the final half a kilometer or so. Disappointing. Tonight, I have done an hour of stretching which has loosened things off somewhat. But I have concluded that a new body may be in order ....a younger, more flexible body that won't seize up on me and demand such high maintenance. Well, I can dream.

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