Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Thanks to four days of rest and helped along by a spot of sideways running yesterday which really helped to 'flush/release' my ITBs (illiotibial bands), my legs felt pretty much back to normal this morning and with glorious blue skies overhead we headed over to Foix for a short roadie outing. I was wary and needed to take it gently, but fortunately my legs felt just fine. We did a lovely 60km/707m circuit along the wonderfully quiet little back road to Roquefixade with its famous chateau perched on the top of that limestone outcrop!This is the view from the other side. One day we will have to visit it on foot. It is quite a construction!The views back in the Foix/Ariege Valley direction were beautifulBut no time to linger, on we pressed to Lavelanet and then a good ride along meandering roads to Saint Felix de Rieutort, Varilhes and back to Foix. It was a lovely ride in perfect conditions. Hopefully the good weather will remain for a few days and we can get out for another longer ride before the weekend. Full stats for today's ride are on the usual site.

Tonight, Andy cooked a delicious dinner of frog's legs in a garlicky, creamy,mushroomy sauce, but by 'eck they are fiddly to eat!
And I will leave you this evening with a photo of tonight's stunning sunset

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