Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Loving the VTT

Today, well, today it has been warm, nay, hot even. The temperaturometer indicated 28 degrees at lunchtime down in Varilhes near Foix (not bad for the latter half of September) from where we started our mountain bike outing. The idea was to combine two mountain bike circuits, one of which I ran with Pat in November last year so I knew roughly what was in store there. However, the route that I hadn't yet tackled started off rudely, with a steep little ascent on loose track for 700m which was followed not long afterwards by an even ruder, steeper, looser little ascent which averaged 35% and on which we, not surprisingly were obliged to get off and push! Hot work! There followed intermittent sections of tricky steep, loose, rocky riding interspersed with fun, dry singletrack and eventually a fun descent to where we picked up the route that I have covered before. But this time, it was different. The bone dry tracks provided an amazing amount of fast, fun riding....
and the views were typically pretty
After a fair bit of whooping (from me) we eventually arrived back down in the valley and tootled our way back to the car after 22kms in the saddle and 460m of ascent. Full stats on the usual site. It would have been nice to have continued on as we both still had more left in the tank but instead more energy remains for another bike outing tomorrow hopefully.

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