Saturday, 18 September 2010

It's a sign

I popped down to Massat late this afternoon and two things struck me. The first was the smell of wood smoke coming from our neighbour's chimney and the second was just how many chimneys around us are likewise now giving out the tell-tale sign of autumn. It has been no higher than 13 degrees today and has been damp and cool for the past 36 hours. We, however, have had the windows open today and the house has still retained much of its warmth. A more prolonged autumnal spell will be required before we light our woodburner! Better weather is forecast for the next couple of days so hopefully we will get in some action on the bikes. In the meantime, the rain is sure to result in an explosion of funghi which up until now have been lying dormant in the dusty dry soil. I can feel a foraging outing coming on.

Yesterday, I was back down in Foix. I had my 3rd dental appointment which lasted 45 minutes as work progresses on the reconstruction of my broken tooth. I am apparently only halfway through the reconstruction which will culminate in a nice crown sometime in October. I have to say that my experience with the French dental system so far has only been a positive one. What stands out (and I don't know whether this is the norm or whether my dentist is unique) is that the ever-present 'dental nurse' in the UK, who assists the dentist in his treatment of patients, does not exist here. He is on his tod and manages very well, thank you very much! The other thing is that I have not once had to queue to see him at my allotted appointment times and he is extremely thorough in his work, hence the length of time that my reconstruction is going to take. Fortunately, we now have top-up 'Mutuelle' insurance which covers a certain percentage of the cost, so no complaints!

Today, more work on Sadie. We have been able to complete the insulation and moisture barrier work on both sides of the vanwhich enabled us to re-erect the original ply panels and secure the mass of electrickery in placeThe same task on the roof of the van looks like it will be rather more troublesome and we need to come up with a means to secure the insulation that we are using before we can crack on with that. Fun times ahead. Hmm.

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Pedalling Polarcherry said...

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so its for sale cheap.