Monday, 6 April 2009

Blue skies, sun, warmth....

... and then torrential rain, cold and uggh. At least that is what the Méteo is forecasting for the rest of the week. I watched a big bank of cloud roll in from the west earlier this evening, which, I am guessing, is the precursor of the afore-mentioned uggh. So, more work on the interior of the house will be the order of the day. However, today, I sprinkled some organic fertiliser on the rest of the potager which the rain will hopefully help soak into the soil. The spinach and rocket are already quite well established thanks to the protection of the cloche and the same can be said for the baby carrots in the tub. The leeks appear to have taken well and the kuri squash is positively rampant and will be ready to plant under a cloche within the next week or two. The beetroot, chilli pepper and tomato seedlings are likewise thriving and the Charlotte tatties are chitted so bring on the Spring!

Otherwise, I took the pooch for a bit of a run this afternoon down through the woods opposite the house and through to Eycherboul then along down the side of the river and back. The lungs and legs complained on the uphill sections but no inkling of the trapped nerve problem, thank goodness. The woodland flowers - white, purple, yellow - were out in all their glory and quite beautifulI have been holding out some vague notion that I will be able to take part in the Trail des Citadelles next Sunday. However, if I did participate, you would most probably see me come in 'la dernière'! But hey, it's not the winning but the taking part that counts ........?

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