Wednesday, 22 April 2009


We were up bright and early this morning to receive the delivery of timber and boards for the new terrasse at the back of the house. I submitted the necessary paperwork (including some very professional-looking architects drawings created on a free CAD package!) to the Mairie yesterday and if we have not received any communication from them within 30 days then we are free to proceed with the project. However, the Maire did not foresee any problems whatsoever with clearance for such a small project, so we spent the afternoon clearing the rest of the wood at the back of the house and preparing to dig some big holes that will eventually take the concrete and upright posts. The earthworks in themselves will no doubt take longer than expected so it's good not to have any time pressures.

It has been dry today and the Méteo has promised me the return of M Soleil tomorrow - I may celebrate by having a bit of a jog with P&K whom I haven't seen for far too long!

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