Friday, 24 April 2009

Red tape and frustrating bureaucracy

France is renowned for it. They excel at it. They would win gold if it was an Olympic sport. But you have to accept it, work with it and be gifted with limitless patience when dealing with it. Let me explain .. are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. Our health cover ran out at the beginning of the year and since then we have been waiting for our new health care provider to send us at the very least some form of acknowledgment that we are in the system and ideally new 'cartes vitales' or a new 'attestation' in the post. It's nearly 4 months since the cover should have been set up and we have heard nowt, zilch, nuffink. Eventually today I received an email that confirmed that yes, indeedy, we had been in the system since 01/01/2009 but that we needed to go to any social security office and use a terminal to update our 'cartes vitales' with the new provider's details. Great! Result! Oh, but less haste.....! The teminal at the CPAM in Foix revealed that completely incorrect details of the 2 'beneficiaries' had been uploaded to my card. So another phone call is in order, more waiting and hopefully, hopefully all will eventually be in place. You gotta love 'em!

Otherwise, the past two days have been glorious, with an ambient temperature of around 24 today and 'in the sun' temps of well into the 30s. Gorgeous. When we got back from Foix, I took the pooch for a short run along the Peguere route forestiere and up onto the road, where at last the winter snows appear to be melting.
I was therefore able to complete the circuit rather than having to return back the way I had come. We encountered a troupeau of goats and then some sheep on the way along the top which made Taff's day :-) Although everything felt heavy and I was lacking in energy, it was a much-needed stretch of the legs and I pushed myself on the gradual ascent which will hopefully have done me some good. However, my body has been behaving in weird ways since I had the trapped nerve in my back problem. Muscular aches and pains after minimal exertion, waking up feeling stiff and achey ..... strange stuff

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