Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Inner workings

I was down in St G yesterday afternoon having my lower back and pelvis X-rayed. Such a contrast to the UK system - it's the kind of thing you can get done in your lunch hour here! Within half an hour, I had been X-rayed and was given the news that one leg is 8mm shorter than the other (something to do with the head of the femur, apparently) and I also have mild scoliosis in my lower back, with the two lowest vertebrae possibly being responsible for the twitchy nerve pain that I have been experiencing. Not a great deal you can do about a back that is too bendy!

Other news - 'projet terrasse' has been a tad delayed. On the Mairie's advice, I popped in to see the nice chappies down at the DDE in St G yesterday who are responsible for development and planning permissions in the area, and it appears that we are obliged to submit a 'Déclaration de travaux préalable' for the project. Normally, if the terrassing is no higher than 60cm from the natural ground level and the decking is not covered, no permissions are required. But the problem with our terrasse is that the land is sloping, so one end will be over a metre from ground level. Hey ho, French red tape strikes again. If we don't receive any communication from them within a month, we are free to go ahead. Fingers crossed.

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