Wednesday, 29 April 2009


The weather is decidedly temperamental at the moment. The clear skies and sunshine of a few days ago have been replaced by dark, stormy skies, rain and cooler temperatures.We have been cracking on with work on the house while the poor weather is upon us, making good progress and have now crossed lots of small cosmetic jobs off the 'to do' list

However, this afternoon I chose a rain-free spell to take the pooch for a run along the route forestiere up at the Col de Port. The snow had pretty much cleared from the track although a few big drifts remained on the more sheltered sections, but they were consolidated and firm so didn't cause too many problems, although they obviously slowed my progress. It's good to see the landscape down the valley at last turning from the wintery grey and brown of the past 5 or 6 months to a more vivid green as the grass pushes through and the trees come into leaf
It was a good run, short at 8kms but my body seemed to respond well to my requests for it to work harder on the 2km long gradual incline and I was back at the car in under an hour feeling like I could have carried on, which is not a feeling I have experienced recently. Some gentle stretching this evening and hopefully I won't have any repercussions in the morning. Pat and I have a 13.5km trail race pencilled in for the 17th May which I am really hoping I will be fit enough to enjoy!

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