Sunday, 5 April 2009

A sorry state

The final job before we can consider the attic 'finished' has been to renovate the small windows which look out to the side of the house. As you can see, they are in a terrible state and probably haven't been touched in goodness how many years
The old putty was carefully removed and then the panes of glass taken out and cleaned up, the frames rubbed down and some wood filler applied to the lower sections that were showing signs of decay. The panes are now back in, so I will be applying a top coat of paint tomorrow and the transformation will be complete - now all we need are some new hinges for them and the jobs a good'un!

Today, Andy has rehung the grenier door so that it passes over the sea grass carpet without rubbing, and has tidied up part of the side of the staircase which is now much neater.

This afternoon, I took myself up to the route forestière that heads up towards Peguère for my first stretch of the legs in a month and since I have had the trapped nerve problem. I was out for an hour, walking/jogging and everything felt fantastic, so I am keeping fingers crossed that that is the end of it and I can now concentrate on getting back some level of decent fitness!. It has been a lovely, warm day today but clouds are building....... with poor weather/snow at higher levels forecast on Tuesday.

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