Monday, 20 April 2009

Wet.... very wet, muddy and wet!

The weather has taken a turn for the worse and the potager is now a claggy mudbath. Thank goodness I have cloches to protect my emerging veggies. I had to take the car down to the garage in Massat for a bit of a service and general check over first thing this morning, which meant making my way back up to Pissou under my own steam. Fortunately, it was late morning before the rain started, so I had a very pleasant albeit somewhat heavy-legged jog home along back roads, paths and mule tracks. It was good to stretch the legs and get some fresh air. However, by 5pm when I was due to collect the car, the weather had closed in so I donned full running waterproofs and meandered my way back down to Massat along different tracks and paths to this morning. It was mudsville and very slippy on some of the descending paths, but the outing was somehow exhilarating in the rain and I felt much better than I did this morning! Anyway, the car is fine with no problems highlighted which is good to know :-)

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