Thursday, 9 April 2009


I finally finished painting the bedroom ceiling yesterday afternoon which is another job ticked off the list. The wet, slushy, sticky snow that fell overnight Tuesday had all melted by the afternoon, thank goodness and today has dawned bright and clear.

I spent a lovely evening yesterday in the company of Anne-France and her family and also her cousin Dany and Lee. Anne is a fellow blogger who lives in Stockholm but whose family are from the Ariege. It was quite surreal starting a conversation only for Anne to say 'yes, I read it on your blog'! Thanks for a lovely evening, Anne, and we hope to see you at Pissou soon!


Les suédois said...

Ha, ha, oui, je ne lis pas ton blog à moitié ! C'était très sympa de vous avoir! Nous passerons volontiers vous dire un petit bonjour un de ces jours. A bientôt.

Les suédois said...

I was really nice that you could visit us. Thank you for lovely company! Hoping to pass by Pissou soon. Anne-France