Monday, 14 September 2009

Being sociable

To be honest, we are not known for being the most sociable of people. Indeed, some people may consider that to be an understatement! But yesterday, we were amongst a large group of people invited to help our friends Justin and Emily to celebrate the Christening of their twin daughters, Myla and Thea. It was a lovely afternoon and a great opportunity to catch up with various friends that may have been somewhat neglected in 2009. Justin spit roasted 'Balls', one of his Gascon pigs that he had slaughtered a week ago especially for the occasion and there was some great live music to round off the afternoon. After getting home from the celebrations, Andy cracked on with the plaster skimming in the kitchen, which he continued today while I headed over to Pat's for a VTT outing. I struggled to make it round the 26km black route, largely due to a very poor nights sleep and a complete lack of energy. It didn't help that the majority of the ascent was in the first 7 kms and a great deal of bike-pushing was involved. Pat however was on fire and riding strong! It was good to get out and when I returned home, Andy had completed the skimming around the fireplace and in the kitchen, so I will be sizing the walls and ceiling tomorrow and painting on Wednesday. Woo-hoo!

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