Thursday, 10 September 2009

Slab laid

It took most of the morning for us to set the levels for the new concrete slab and to accurately fix the rail for the tamping board. Nothing is ever straightforward here. Then, in the course of 3 hours this afternoon, the concrete was poured and the slab levelled. Physical work, but we will at last have a kitchen floor and wood-burner base that are level and damp-proofed. Probably a day off tomorrow and an outing on the mountain or road bike, then scrimming and plastering (for him) and hearth tiling (for me) on Saturday. Then next week, while Andy is constructing the kitchen unit carcasses, I will be painting and probably also laying the floor tiles.


Pedalling Polarcherry said...

dude you guys do too much work and not enough play! :)

penny said...

It goes in phases, missus! This current project is a major one, but it will so be worth the time and effort. When it's done, it will sure as hell be playtime!