Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Progress 2

The delivery arrived late, not until early evening yesterday, but we were still able to get some plasterboards up before close of play. Today, more of the same plus the tricky construction of the frame that will support the plasterboard to the right of the window. 'Tricky' because, like every surface in the house, the walls are so uneven it is hard to get a level/even structure. There is also the question of the pipework for the washing machine and the waste to the exterior to consider. But by this evening, all of the plasterboard for the left hand section of the kitchen is up, the frame to the left of the window is up, all but a small section of the ceiling plasterboard is up, the lights and most of the electrical sockets all fitted and working and the plumbing in place (the sink waste pipes will obviously not be remaining in the position shown in the 2nd photo!).Tomorrow, we should be able to complete the plasterboarding, lay the floor membrane and put down the 're-bar' flooring reinforcement ready for a morning/day of concreting on Thursday.