Saturday, 26 September 2009


Mum and David arrived on Wednesday evening and were quite stunned by the transformation that has taken place here! The new furniture and lighting arrangement now facilitates sociability rather than deterring it, which is very pleasing.

Yesterday, we took them up to Peguere in search of some mushrooms and found our first cep and several chanterellesplus a couple of other boletes that we have not been able to identify. We had thought they were bay boletes bu they do not stain blue when cut, so we are somewhat puzzled. Anybody got any ideas?Anyway, it was nice to be able to show my brother the view from the top, as it we had low cloud when he visited in June which hid the vista from him. Yesterday evening we had a lovely meal out down in Massat as an early Birthday treat. Excellent quality food and perfectly cooked, so we shall be returning.

Our visitors left this afternoon, suitably re-charged after their brief stay - as my brother succinctly put it, the Pissou environment is 'good for the soul'.

Back on with the kitchen work tomorrow.


Lee said...

Looks like a cep to me. Why do you think it isn't?

Loads of parasols and orange birch bolettes here.

penny said...

The one in the top photo is a cep but the one in the bottom photo has yellow tubes and the stem is longer, narrower and straighter than a cep

Lee said...

The cep's tubes turn yellow/green with age. Stems are variable too, dependent on location, soil, sunlight etc...almost certainly a cep IMHO.