Sunday, 6 September 2009


When I got back from the Alps, the kitchen area was down to bare ceiling boards, bare stone walls and a bare concrete floor. The majority of the 'dirty work' had been done.By close of play today, we had completed first fix electrics, plumbing for the new sink placement and erected a new frame for the plasterboard walls. The fuse box is now firmly and correctly affixed to the wall as opposed to hanging on by a wing and a prayer by a couple of poorly placed screws. The new ceiling lights are firmly affixed in the new ceiling plasterboard above where the gas hob will be accommodated and the wiring for the new double sockets are in place behind the frameThe new sink will be situated below the windows which separate the kitchen from the porch, with the washing machine to the left. Tomorrow, plasterboard delivery and a delivery of sand and gravel for the new concrete floor which WILL be level! By the weekend, I would hope to have the new plasterboard walls and ceiling up, all sockets and lights connected, a waterproof membrane laid on the floor and a new concrete slab laid.

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