Tuesday, 29 September 2009


I guess that about sums up with the weather down here at the mo! Sunny skies, temperatures in the low 20s.... Andy is busy making the kitchen cabinets at the moment, so I took the opportunity to get myself out on the mountain bike again. I found some interesting routes on tracegps.com and was able to download one of them to my Garmin device. It was a shorty, just 10kms, departing from Soueix, but I really wasn't up for anything much longer. It had its nice momentswhich included some lovely views up the valley towards SeixBut sections of the ride were simply horrendous and totally unsuitable for a mountain bike ... long sections of steep narrow paths, up which I had to push the bike, narrow steep and rutted paths back down again.... quite exhausting. I have to say that so many of the circuits that have been put together by the local tourist information offices in this area are in a similar vein. They are principally walking routes but 'doable' (in their opinion) on a mountain bike. I wonder how many of them they have actually ridden!

Andy has spent all day in his 'workshop' today and has produced the L-shaped run of units for the other end of the kitchen which we will be fitting tomorrow. We can then put the worktops and doors on and fit the gas hob. We will then have a fully functioning kitchen - hurrah and hurray! I am looking forward to finally getting the floor tiles laid this week which will make a massive difference.

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