Monday, 26 April 2010

Biking in the Cantal

Quiet country roads. Rolling (not all gently!) countryside. Beautiful views. Ah yes, cycling in the Cantal. But it's bloody hard work!! Riding here isn't like riding the Cols back at home where it's one big, sustained push then it's over and you can contentedly collapse in a heap at the top knowing that it's mission accomplished and that you have thoroughly deserved the right to stuff your face with cake/ice cream/other scrummy stuff this evening, thank you very much. Oh no. Here, it's up and it's down, it's up and it's down (repeat ad nauseum) and, just for a laugh, right at the end just when a serious bit off let loose downhill wouldn't go amiss, it's up again! Hurrah! Such was today's ride But still, 67.7kms with 1153m of ascent in 3 hrs 17 mins. Not bad. But more fuel needed next time, methinks but in the meantime fruit cake is my recovery food. Tomorrow, rest and a bit of an explore and a walk down towards the southern part of the Cantal department. I shall report back.

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