Sunday, 11 April 2010

Un après-midi convivial et sociable

Pat and Kev are members of the cycle club over their way. Once a year, the club has a 'journée des femmes'. This is a day on which club members can invite along their wives or invite other female acquaintances for a short road bike or mountain bike outing or a short walk before enjoying a barbecue and, in the afternoon, a game of boules/petanques. Pat very kindly invited me along, although I passed on the physical exercise side of the day following yesterday's debacle. The weather has been beautiful again today so I headed over to the pretty little village of Lesparrou near Lavelanet for midday and met P & K and was introduced to Claude and Frédérique who moved down to the Ariege from the flatlands of the Moselle dept of NE France in June. The club is full of characters such as Michel who speaks the local dialect and is barely comprehensible to francophone people let alone incomers such as P, K and myself and who was the source of much hilarity and teasing at our end of the table!The 'repas' was put on at a fee of €6.00 per head which turned out to be exceptional value for money with an aperitif and nibbles, pâté and bread, some yummy slices of cold pizza, barbecued fresh sausage and more bread, camembert, homemade chocolate torte and also the local croustade which is a kind of apple pie - all washed down with red or rosé wine or soft drinks for those driving plus of course coffee to finish it all off, oh, and I mustn't forget the 36 yr old home made eau de vie (55 deg proof apparently!) which was offered as a 'digestif' and which I had to politely decline as I was driving. Kev, on the other hand, was not driving and thoroughly enjoyed himself as usual!The repas was followed by the matter of a mini boules tournement...which was taken very seriously by allAll in all, a wonderfully sociable francophone afternoon was had by all

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