Friday, 16 April 2010

Well, that was jolly good fun!

I felt rubbish when I woke up this morning - tired, no energy, no motivation - yes, one of those days. I felt I really should get out for a run, but, well, it just wasn't going to happen. A beautiful, sunny day, milder than of late, and I was going to do sod all with it. Sheesh, what a waste girl ! But then Andy suggested an outing on the roadies down around Saint-Girons for a change. Aw, why not, I thought, I can take it easy if I run out of energy. I found a lovely rolling circuit which would take us up onto a ridgeline from where lovely views of the high mountains were guaranteed.

What a fantastic ride it turned out to be - perfect spring weather (not too hot, not too cold), taking in some gorgeous little communities on quite single lane country roads on which we hardly saw a soul. The first half of the route was a constant series of ups and downs, challenging in parts but nothing too extreme. The second half was a quiet riverside ride but with a gentle gradient back up the river to Saint Girons. Thought you may like this piccy of the lovely little church in the village of Cassagne back down in the valley - how French!
Ride stats -
Distance: 60kms
Ascent: 740m
Time taken: 2 hrs 37 mins
Gradient profile;Although I was tired when we arrived back at the car, it was just that, tiredness, with legs telling me that they had done some good work out there! So, tomorrow I'll be kind and give them a day off and will spend my time mainly pottering around home, chilling on the terrasse and at some point having a good stretching session!

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