Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Le Plateau de Limon

Temperatures climbed up to the mid 20s today, so we headed up to one of the many plateaux in the area, the Plateau de Limon (1300-1500m) for a bit of a walk/run. This part of the Cantal has a bit of everything ... the Alpine scenery up the valley from Dienne towards Puy Mary...... the Lake District scenery of the climb up to the plateau from Dienne....... and then the Plateau de Limon itself which has the same desolate, wild feeling of the Kinder Plateau in the Peak District but without those god-awful peat groughs!....and with the odd isolated farmstead from which farmers manage their herds of cattle in the summer monthsThe other difference between Kinder and the Limon Plateau is that the latter is crossed by the Sentier des Quirous, Quirous being a word with Celtic origins which translates as 'cairns'These cairns date back to the middle ages and helped guide travellers and merchants across the plateau in poor weather. Where the path up from Dienne meets the path on the Plateau, you come across the remnants of an old cross (just the vertical post remains), La Croix du gendarmeAlthough the croix is in a poor state following centuries of exposure to the elements, you can still make out the carvingsNot surprisingly, the spring wildflowers were much in evidence up on the plateau - the tiny, seemingly delicate wild crocuses were thrusting forth with all of the life and vigour of flowers that had been quite suffocated for quite long enough by this long European winterWe reached our target, a high point of 1566m from where we had lovely views towards Puy Mary
From there, we re-traced our steps with a nice run back down to Dienne. The outing was only just under 14kms, but my legs felt tired and heavy, refusing to cooperate in the running motion which was frustrating. More stretching this evening and hopefully I will be up for a roadie ride tomorrow on what looks to be the last fine day before we have to return home.


kervéguen said...

Lovely scenes. You look like you inhabit a different a different planet, not the same country.

In preparation for a half marathon I've somehow got embroiled in next year, I completed a three mile run, well lumber, this morning.

Interestingly all the gardening made it slightly easier than I was expecting. I suppose I'm a bit like the karate kid except 42 and not into karate.

- Max

penny said...

Well done, you, on fitting a run into your hectic smallholder's schedule and good luck with the half marathon training! It's a great target. I tend to seize up after 15kms and cannot, but cannot run on the road.