Monday, 19 April 2010

Recovery and recuperation

I've been pretty lazy for the past couple of days. My old body has demanded it and I have had to heed its requests. So while Andy went off on a roadie ride yesterday afternoon, I had no option (honestly!) other than to sunbathe and eat ice cream on the terrasse whilst occasionally pausing from that worthwhile 'activity' to sow some more veggie seeds and tend to my potager babies. But rest, along with some prolonged and concentrated bouts of stretching seem to be paying off and my lower back and legs feel much 'lighter' and less heavy and tense today and my general overall weariness seems to be fading, which is a relief as I truely hate that feeling (despite it being a great excuse for all round, general slovenliness!). So tomorrow, I will be celebrating by riding the roadie from here, over the Col de Port to Tarascon and a bit further on, to meet Anne for a short run. If my legs are still working after that, I will then attempt to ride back up the Col de Port and home which will make a total of around 70kms and 1000m of ascent. Hmm.

On that note, I will leave you with a piccy of one of the last of my spring green cabbages - a fine specimen, wouldn't you say?


kervéguen said...

Whilst your exertions are puzzling to me, I do like a good spring green and that's a fine cabbage... Do you recall the variety?

- Max

penny said...

It was a freebie packet off the front of Grow It magazine last year, Max - I seem to recall the packet just said 'spring greens'!!