Thursday, 8 April 2010

Miscellaneous meanders

Yes, I've been a tad quiet this week - not much to report. My poor little legs' recovery from the race on Sunday has gone well, thanks to some regular stretching and rest. Today, I met up with Anne Arran, who, 18 months ago, moved down to the Ariege from Sheffield with husband John - they have been busily renovating a former farmstead near Sinsat to create some superb self-catering units which they are now renting out. Anyway, we went for a lovely 7km return run alongside the river which was just what I needed to get the legs moving again. Other than that, not a great deal to report on the exercise front, although a couple of outings on the roadie are planned for the weekend.

The weather has been wet and soggy and definitely cooler for the past 48 hours but I do not despair as sun and more spring-like stuff is forecast for the weekend - oh yes! Time to plant out the beetroot modules, the celery the courgettes and the squashes with a bit of luck.

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