Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Re-discovering the hill legs

I was quite apprehensive about jumping back on the roadie after the last outing and even more apprehensive about doing a hill. But having done very little over the past few days (we had a trot around the Peguère forest track circuit on Monday, but that has been it) and awaking to dry weather, I was keen to stretch the legs again. So Andy and I hopped on the bikes this morning and headed down to Massat, up to the Etang de Lhers and back. The only problem with this is that, although the ride down to Massat is a breeze (well, it is downhill afterall), you then have to face the 5km uphill on the way back home when the legs are tired. Anyway, total of 36.4kms, 977m of ascent, 2 hrs and a little bit (not counting the obligatory coffee stop in Massat on the way back).The good news is that the legs felt good and even the admittedly caffeine-fuelled climb back up the hill from Massat felt like a breeze. Good stuff.

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