Saturday, 17 April 2010

Potager progress

Spring seems to have finally beaten Winter into submission so the potager has been the focus of my attention today. We are now into the 'lean' period, having finished off the winter spinach and the broccoli and are now left with just a few leeks and a couple of spring green plants. But looking forward, I have had a section of moist earth covered by some black film for the past week or so and the soil has warmed nicely. So in went the beetroot seeds, coriander and chervil seeds and round carrot seeds. I also sowed a line of parsnips (hope I have the same success this year as I had last year!), some peas and planted some more Charlotte and Rocket potatoes. A couple more winter squash plants were also planted out. Andy rotavated a section of now clear soil to loosen it up and mix in the nicely rotted manure and that section will accommodate probably aubergines, chillis and capsicums later on. This evening, we have enjoyed the first sticks of rhubarb from the plant that I put in the soil over 2 years ago ..... mmm, yum! The mower also saw its first outing of the year so it is all looking very tidy around Pissou at the moment!

On other matters, next door's little cat is having her first (and last) season (she is being spayed on Tuesday) and Taff is behaving most peculiarly around her .... in fact, he is obsessed with her and shadows her every move. She, on the other hand spends her time rolling around in the dust, catching and torturing the little lizards that are everywhere now (not a pleasant thing to witness), miaowing loudly (probably in an attempt to attract a mate) and teasing and taunting both Taff and next door's dogs, knowing she can escape quickly and safely to the sanctuary of our pig poke should she push it too far, the little minx that she is

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