Sunday, 15 March 2009

Bedroom beam restoration

Ever since we moved into Pissou, a major bugbear has been the fact that the previous owners decided, in their wisdom, to paint one of the magnificent beams in the bedroom with a white satin coat. Unforgiveable! We have been keen to restore it to its original state, but our options for doing so were limited. Paint stripper had no effect. Sanding it down would take forever and a day and would create unholy quantities of dust. But then Andy had the bright idea of using his hand planer to take off the top 0.8mm of the beam....less messy and most definitely quicker. It worked!We still have a fair amount of work to do to remove paint from the divets and cracks and woodworm holes but already in my mind's eye I can see the finished beam and it is going to look fantastic.

Other work today has included sowing my baby carrots in a tub, sowing night scented stock outside the kitchen window and shifting more wood following our hazel exploits yesterday. I shall leave you with a photo of the tulips that have bloomed since the warmer weather started last week. Beautiful, aren't they!

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