Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Helping out

This morning, Andy did some more belt sander work on the bedroom beam and I should hopefully be able to apply the first coat of stain tomorrow. Our only concern is the prominence of the white paint-filled woodworm holes which may require further attention.... we will see!

I received a call this afternoon from Emily and Justin who live just up the road and round the hill from us. They have recently started the construction of an extension to their little mountain house which will double it's size. However, they have serious time constraints as Emily is 20 weeks pregnant with twin girls! She rang to say that Justin had started laying the concrete but hadn't realised just what a big job it would be with just a hand concrete mixer and he would be in need of some assistance if he were to stand any chance of completing the job in one hit before nightfall - were we available?! So we headed straight down there and spent the next 4 hours shovelling, mixing, pouring and raking, with the final barrowload poured just as the light went. Job well done!

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