Monday, 30 March 2009

New life

No, I am not pregnant! But the seeds that I sowed a couple of weeks ago have really started to spring into life, thanks to the greenhouse-like conditions of the bathroom windowsill. The kuri squash is just peaking through .....the beetroot seedlings are getting stronger by the day...and the tomatoes are also developing well...
Hopefully, by the time spring makes a return again (after 3 weeks of warmth and clear blue skies, winter made a reappearance at the weekend and more snow is forecast for tomorrow night) , they will be strong enough to plant out. How exciting!

On the health front, after being in a great deal of pain when I awoke this morning, a visit to the doctor was called for. The official diagnosis is a trapped nerve in a lumbar vertebrae for which strong anti-inflammatories have been prescribed to reduce the nerve sheath inflammation, along with proper rest for the next week. Hopefully recovery will be quick. If not, I have an appointment with a radiologist to investigate further, but I am sure that won't be necessary.

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