Thursday, 26 March 2009

Pottering and pooches

Well, I have been off the codeine today and have been generally pottering about, planting leeks (Andy dug the trench), sowing carrots and even finishing the bedroom beam. The back pain has improved quite significantly, but I must make sure I don't get all excited and overdo it again, otherwise I will be back at square one again. Hopefully after the weekend I will be able to stretch the legs again on a short run. We'll see.

Other news.... Christine's 9 month old dog Chippie is becoming intolerable. If she is left alone in the house she destroys things (there was a shredded cushion on the kitchen floor when Christine arrived back from work yesterday) and when she is left alone outside she also destroys things. This morning, Christine left for work early and decided in her wisdom to leave both Chippie and Maylee (Claudine's 14 yr old pooch) outside but with her kitchen door open. The result was that we were awoken by Chippie barking at something in the woods at 07.20 and, when we went outside this morning, dicovered that she had first dug a hole and then ripped to shreds the netting that we had put up to protect some veggies in front of the house from her unwanted attentions. She had also ripped the netting around the potager in order to dig a random hole. She is out of control, behaves like a 'chien sauvage' and cannot be left alone but Christine has got not the faintest clue what to do about the situation. I had to tell her today that enough is enough, we were fed up of the dog and wouldn't tolerate it any more. She said that she would take the dog to work with her in that case. But she left for work at 4.30 this afternoon and both dogs are obviously still in the house as they have barked incessantly for the past 5 hours - I imagine Chippie has been chained up somewhere apart from Maylee. Some people should not be allowed to keep dogs. Period.


Lee said...

As I said before, poison the dogs 'accidently' with some rat poison, start a french style feud and relax!

penny said...

Christine is mortified that she has no control over her pooch. She came back from work today with an electric fence set up for the potager! Feel sorry for the pooch - no education, no guidance, no pack leader ...could be so different