Saturday, 14 March 2009


When we first moved into Pissou nearly 2 years ago, we just had ourselves for company with the occasional visit from Claudine when she came down from Paris to work on her house next door. The peace and tranquillity and general lack of other people in the immediate vicinity was one of the major factors that first attracted me to Pissou and is something that is still of great importance to us. But that peace and tranquillity is gradually being eroded. In November, Claudine's friend Christine moved into her house and promptly bought a hyperactive puppy that she does not seem to be bothered about training or cleaning up after. Now, Christine as a person is lovely, she really is, but that puppy is a pain but only, I am sure, due to the lack of any guidance and a firm 'master' in it's life. Then, in January, Claudine's brother and his wife moved into Benazet's house at the back, along with two large rottweilers. They were to lodge there until such time as they found a house to buy in the area. That shouldn't be for too long, we thought. We were wrong. They are still here and have still not found a house to buy. Then yesterday, their son and his girlfriend also turned up, for a fortnight's stay, with another dog! The constant presence of all these people and their associated pooches is becoming an increasing strain. Will we ever know real peace and tranquillity at Pissou again? It is, unfortunately, looking increasingly unlikely.

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