Thursday, 12 March 2009

A Productive Day

The weather today has been positively spring-like, into the 20s and clear blue skies - wonderful! Andy made great progress with the door today and all that now remains is some touching up around the frame and it will be finished. I finally tracked down the fabric that I had been looking for to cover the windows and am really pleased with the difference that they make to the doors - very French, don't you think!Meanwhile, I cracked on with the potager, preparing the soil for the autumn-fruiting raspberry canes that I brought back from mum's. I managed to plant up 14 canes and then went on to prepare the soil for some carrots that I am hoping to sow tomorrow. The soil is still very wet and heavy, but with the addition of some compost I am hoping I have lightened it sufficiently for the carrot seeds to germinate. The fencing is coming on well but it is not yet dog-proof, so more work still to do.

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