Thursday, 19 March 2009

Pottering in the potager

We had a shopping trip to Foix and Pamiers this morning. In addition to a lovely parasol for the table on the terrace, two more teak chairs and various DIY bits and pieces, we also came back with a small electric rotavator which we found at a bargain price and which has done a fantastic job of turning over the earth that I had previously dug through in the potager but which I had not yet prepared for planting. After loosening the soil, we rotavated in some bags of compost by which time the soil was ready. I sowed some early Nantes carrots and also some peas next to the raspberries. Tomorrow, I will probably sow the parsnips and possibly also some spinach.

Andy then started work with the rotavator on the lower half of the potager which has not yet been touched and which consists of grass and weeds, though fortunately nothing too onerous. It is going to take a bit of work but it should hopefully be ready for planting up next week. We also need to sort out the central path and the edges of the potager, but I am already excited about the prospect of harvesting a wider range of veggies this summer. The weather continues to be wonderfully sunny and warm but looks set to get cooler over the weekend but still with clear blue skies.


Les suédois said...

Poitiers ? C'est dans l'Ariège?

penny said...

Oops! Merci, Anna! Je voulais dire bien sûr Pamiers. Pourqoui je pensais à Poitiers, je ne sais pas!