Friday, 6 March 2009

Back in Blighty and on the level

I arrived back in the UK on Monday and had a lovely time staying with friends in the Peak District (thanks Ayshea/Ed, Trudi/Julian!). I was also kept busy sorting out our Sheffield house which has just been vacated by the tenant. I did however have time for a very wet and muddy run up onto Curbar and Froggatt edges from Grindleford with John and Dillon the Dawg on Tuesday which was good fun.

Thursday, I picked Jamie up from the station in Sheffield and we drive down to mum's in Dorset where the weather has been lovely today. I took the opportunity of being in an area of fantastically level terrain to get out for a good run along a disused railway line/forest tracks/footpaths. It wasn't exactly scintillating scenery but it did give me the rare opportunity to open up the throttle a bit
I covered 12.75 kms in 1 hr 14 mins which, for me, is pretty good. Everything was working really well, but, as usual, I do need to have a stretching session if I am not to experience some unwelcome after-effects.

Back to Pissou on Monday where apparently a good foot of snow has fallen over the past 24 hrs. I wonder whether it will all have melted by the time I get home!

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