Tuesday, 10 March 2009


You may remember my post back in February where I wrote about opening up the doorway in the bedroom that our predecessors had blocked up and installing some patio doors that would eventually lead onto a terrasse area that we are hoping to create this summer. Today, the process of restoring the opening to its original status as an access point to the house commenced. Thanks to Andy's efforts, it has gone from this....
to this....to this....There is still some wiring and filling in around the doorframe to sort out, but already the transformation is fantastic. The doors look like they were made for the opening. What a difference they will make to the house!

While Andy was working on that project, I was busy creating some hazel fencing around my potager in order to keep dogs, deer, goats, wild boar etc off my precious veggies. It isn't finished yet, but I soon hope to be able to plant the raspberry canes that mum gave me during my stay with her last week, happy in the knowledge that they will last more than a day or two once they have started sprouting! I also need to dig over more of the land in order to enlarge the planting area, as I have quite a variety of seeds and plants that I am hoping to grow this year. Let's hope that winter doesn't last too much longer.

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Les suédois said...

Welcome back! Hope to see a picture of the fence soon!