Thursday, 18 June 2009

Car troubles

I took the car down to the Opel main dealer in St G on Tuesday and their diagnostic machine highlighted a problem which explained why the car had not been pulling at all well over recent months. They believed the solution would be the replacement of a particular part, which would cost us €350. Now, instead of just fitting the part and wacking us with the bill (as I am sure a UK main dealer would do), they fitted the part and advised me to go away and see if it fixed the problem before paying for it!! As it happened, the part did resolve the problem and the car has been driving like a Ferrari ever since - what a difference. So today, back down to St G to pay and to thank the fine chaps there for their excellent service. However, within 5 minutes of leaving the garage, Andy noticed a problem with the brakes which seemed to be permanently 'on' on one side. We promptly returned to the garage where they confirmed that the brake caliper on one side was indeed seized, fixing the brake pad against the disc, creating tremendous heat and a god awful smell! The part was not in stock, it would probably take a couple of days to get it in meaning we would be car-less over the w/e and it would cost between €300 and €400. Now, my mate Pierre is a one-in-a-million. Realising we were somewhat in la merde, he rang a chap who owns a breakers in the area and who just happened to have the part we needed. It would cost us just €60 and would be ready to collect in the morning for Pierre to fit in the afternoon. Not only that, but Pierre has loaned us a car too!! Now that is service the likes of which is very very rare. Impressed? We are most definitely!

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