Sunday, 21 June 2009

VTT ride with Pat

I popped over to Pat's this afternoon to do VTT mountain biking circuit no. 9 with her - supposedly 20km with 400m of ascent. I haven't been out on the bike since end of 2008, so I was raring to go! It turned out to be one of the hardest rides I have done, as witnessed by Pat (ahem!) ....Well, it wouldn't be a proper outing without the obligatory refreshment stop, now would it! We're hardcore, we are! It was actually a lovely circuit, where I had the recurring feeling of being on holiday, as we cycled along tracks, trails, paths and deserted minor roads, with beautiful views and picturesque little villages. It was a varied ride with some interesting steep muddy downhill sections adding a bit of spice. We actually covered just under 26km as our starting point was slightly different to the one suggested on the route card. It was fantastic to be back on the bike again. Can't wait until next time.

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