Thursday, 11 June 2009

Produce update

The potager has made fantastic progress over recent weeks. Today, I pulled the first beetroot which we have now cooked and they are the sweetest tastiest beetroot I have ever had, which should hardly be surprising! We also had the first handful of Charlotte potatoes at the weekend, the pea pods are swelling nicely, the Early Nantes carrots are not far off being ready, the tomatoes are flowering and the first sowing of French beans are not far behind. The only thing I am battling with at the moment are what I think are thrips - tiny little black insects which are munching on the turnip leaves, the rocket and lettuces. If anybody has any good ideas as to how to control them without resorting to chemicals I would love to hear from you!

Elsewhere, the elderflower cordial has turned out OK and is gorgeous with white rum and some ice cubes. The elderflower champagne has yet to start fermenting. The rhubarb and mint gelée does not want to set very well for some reason, despite sugar with added pectin being used. Still, it's a lovely flavour. We also tasted the sloe gin the other evening while my brother was here (it has aged for 9 months) and it is just divine. When I say 'tasted', we actually polished off a bottle ... it is very very quaffable! 2 bottles left. Must make more next year.


Les suédois said...

Bonsoir Penny!
Sur une partie de mes roquettes, j'utilise un voile de protection:
Ça marche. Là ou je n'en utilise pas, les feuilles sont pleines de trous.../Anne-France

penny said...

Merci pour les conseils, Anne-France! Je viens de semer encore de la roquette et je ne tarderai pas à acheter un voile de protection.