Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Feeling better

Last Sunday, Andy and I had the intention of cycling up to the Col de Port, down to Tarascon (where we would have coffee and cake) before returning back up to the Col de Port and home. However, I only just made it as far as the Col de Port and that was in granny gear! I had nothing, but nothing in my legs, felt tired and devoid of anything remotely ressembling energy. It was a thoroughly unpleasant experience which worried me. Today was to be a bit of a test, to see how I felt on a flatter but still undulating circuit to the north and east of Foix. I filled my large water bottle with my carbohydrate drink and we set off. The weather was warm, in the mid 20s, but slightly overcast with a slight breeze which made for ideal conditions. It was a fantastic circuit of around 55km which took us along quiet country roads not far from where P&K live. I felt good all the way round and even the ascents didn't prove a problem. We arrived back at the car and I could easily have carried on, which was a fantastic and unusual feeling. I think the steady drip drip of carbs was the key to how I was feeling. Maybe my current diet of largely salads and BBQ fodder is not sufficiently high in the carbohydrates that my body needs whilst I am picking up the exercise again? Either way, this is the profile of the route which included 800m of ascent. Lovely. More please.

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