Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Pissou effect

Pissou is becoming known as a bit of a refuge for the exhausted and weary! My brother was out here at the beginning of the month for an all too brief visit, soaking up the Pyrenean environment and re-charging his batteries in preparation for the blueberry season ahead of him in the UK. Then mum arrived on Tuesday, in an exhausted state, desperate for some chill out and relaxation time. Fortunately, the weather has been kind this week and we were able to get up to the Port de Lhers to find and photograph some interesting Pyrenean flora. We enjoyed watching the paragliders while we were up there, as they swooped and glided around usOtherwise, it was a case of unwinding on the terrasse under the parasol as she wrote her 'memoirs', reading books and newspapers, enjoying barbecues, sleeping in and generally unwinding. She left today more energised and relaxed and ready for a return to a busy time ahead back in the UK. She isn't your typical 70+ yr old lady, my mum!

Otherwise this week, I had a brief blast on the roadie down in the Foix/Plantaurel area on Thursday whilst Andy was having his French lesson - 45kms/400m of ascent in 1 hr 45 which was fun. Hopefully we will be back on the bikes again over the coming few days as the forecast looks good with temps up to 30+ degrees and full on sun.


Les suédois said...

Hi Penny! Oui, ce rythme et cette qualité de vie qu'on trouve dans l'Ariège doit être rare. Et maintenant je comprends d'ou tu tiens ta vitalité! Le frère travaille t-il dans la cueillette des myrtilles???

penny said...

Hi Anne-France! Mon frère est le propriétaire de l'entreprise familiale !