Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sorting it out

I may or may not have mentioned in previous posts about the problems we have had trying to sort out our health insurer's cock up on our health cover. Although I have been covered since the beginning of the year, they somehow managed to get Andy's details completely wrong. Finally yesterday I had a call from a real person who has taken charge of my file, has worked out their error and has confirmed that the necessary documentation for his cover will be in the post shortly. It's only taken them 6 months to work it out! But at least it is finally being dealt with.

Today, I also had a call from France pare-brise to advise that the new windscreen for the car has finally been delivered (it has had a small hole and 2 long cracks at wiper level for a week thanks to a flying stone). So a trip down to Pamiers this afternoon, where we left the car for the afternoon while we went out on the roadies for another lovely 50km circuit. It was hot (29 degrees) but quite pleasant while we were actually cycling. More quiet, well-surfaced country lanes and little villages ... an absolute joy. The fontaine in St Amadou provided a welcome cold water top up.On the way back, we encountered a couple of army transporter planes dumping a load of parachutists over a field just ahead of us near Pamiers... an impressive sight.
Time to crank up the distance/ascent now that the legs and bits n pieces have got used to being back on the bike again, I reckon

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