Sunday, 28 June 2009

Potager progress

I am having trouble keeping up with the watering at the moment, as the heat of the sun is drying the soil out so very quickly! But still, progress is good. The first lot of peas have had their last pick and the plants will be pulled out this week but the second sowing will be ready for picking in a week. The Charlotte potatoes plants are producing loads of gorgeous, sweet-flavoured new potatoes, the spinach has gone to seed so we are using the last of the leaves with some homemade pasta this evening and more seeds will be sown this week. The last of the second lot of beetroot is almost ready to be pulled. The new beetroot seeds that I sowed just over a week ago are coming through as is the latest sowing of coriander. I have sown more mixed salad and will get round to sowing some red onion seed this week too. The first sowing of French beans are now up to two inches long and should be ready to eat in week or so the cherry tomato plants are producing tons of flowers and the fruit is settingI have at last got some flowers on the chilli and capsicum plants and the round and long courgette plants are showing fruitWhat a fantastic time of year this is! Tonight for dinner, we have had Tagliatelle al Pesto Genovese, made with Andy's homemade pasta, homemade pesto (slightly modified to include homegrown spinach along with the homegrown basil), homegrown peas and potatoes ..... and very scrummy it was too!

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Pedalling Polarcherry said...

looking good!

our veg is just big shoots at the moment. no flowers or actual produce showing yet.