Saturday, 5 December 2009

A brief interlude

After 2 days of torrential rain, the weekend brings some respite in the form of clear skies and warm sun again. Ah, that's better! So this morning, we popped down to the St G market for a change of scenery and to look for ideas for family Christmas presents - well, it's about time I started thinking about Christmas seeing as it is just under 3 weeks away! I love the variety of produce at the market and it always has a lovely atmosphere. I came away with a couple of presents which is a bonus.

I have spent this afternoon in the sun, working on the patch of land that will accommodate my squashes and courgettes in the spring. After a thorough weeding, I treated it to a good dose of wood ash, horse manure and some compost which will hopefully be sufficient to ensure a superlative crop of produce next summer.

Tomorrow, we will be out somewhere, doing something, getting our fix before we once again find ourselves confined to the house by the weather.

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