Thursday, 3 December 2009

Poorly pooch

The pooch was not himself this morning. Normally when I come downstairs to make a cuppa tea he is all waggy waggy and pleased to see me. This morning, he barely moved. No waggy tail. I opened the door to let him out for his morning pee. He didn't move. Something was wrong. Very wrong. I called Andy down. Taff attempted to move....his legs wouldn't work. He was clearly in some discomfort. We bundled him into the car and went straight to the vets in St G. We had removed a tick from his neck last night. It was dead but had clearly had a feed. The vet thought it could have passed something nasty on to Taf that had affected his lumbar region and his joints. His temperature was also up. The vet analysed a blood sample but it was inconclusive. But with everything else pointing to a tick infection, Taff was given a shot and we were told to monitor him and bring him back if he was not back to himself in the morning.

This evening, thankfully, Taff is on the mend. He has slept for most of the day and finally went out for a pee late afternoon. It was the longest pee in the world! Bless him! He is more mobile. He has had something to eat and drink. He will be OK. Dogs and kids.... who'd have 'em!!!


Anne said...

Dog flue? Hope he gets well.

penny said...

No, it wasn't dog flu, Anne, but definitely something caused by a tick. The injection that the vet gave him worked and he is back to his normal self today.... thank goodness!