Tuesday, 8 December 2009

It's a PB!

The rain that was forecast for yesterday and today has not materialised .... thank goodness. So with relatively clear skies and temps of around 10 degrees, the pooch and I headed up to the Col de Port for a re-match with the route forestiere. The last time I did the 8km with just under 300m of ascent circuit was at the end of October, I was really quite pleased to have got my time down to 54.30 minutes. This time, I was determined to beat that and to give the 2km steady uphill section everything I had got.

It didn't start off too well with my heart rate monitor continually bleeping at me, warning me that I had exceeded my max heart rate! I ignored it and after about 5 minutes, it settled down. I covered the gently undulating 3.5km to the start of the proper uphill section 2 minutes quicker than last time. I was feeling good. I pushed on, steady steady, stopping only twice on the 2km long ascent and was stunned to have gained another 3 minutes by the time I reached the high point! From there, it was all downhill and I was back at the car in 49.57 minutes. I felt great and could have carried on! Progress indeed. Bring it on!

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