Sunday, 6 December 2009

Une petite balade

With mild conditions prevailing today (up to 12.5 degrees this afternoon), we were not expecting fantastic snow conditions up the road at the Etang de Lhers (1200m). We strapped our snowshoes onto our packs and set off in the direction of Col Dret, following the footsteps of another bod who had the same idea, maybe today, maybe yesterday, impossible to tell when. There was snow on the ground but it was wet and heavy and not particularly pleasant. Higher up, towards the Col, deeper drifts prevailed. Here, we were grateful for the footsteps of our absent friend which made the going rather easier than it would otherwise have been. From the Col, we followed the fence up the steep ridge to Tuc du Laguelle, occasionally post-holing in deep drifts and trying to avoid getting our poles tangled in the heather and bilberry bushes that covered the hillside. The views towards the Port de Lhers were stunning, flanked on the left by Pic de Barrès and by Pic de Girantes on the rightPic des Trois Seigneurs and Pic de la Journalade appear to have a good covering although colder conditions will be required if we are to head up there in the near future
The trot back down was slippy and wet but we were at least grateful for the exercise and the fresh air. More rain tomorrow and Tuesday the hopefully some decent weather towards the end of the week.

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